What exactly does this site do?

First thing first Register

Register your Company with our website

Simply enter your information into the system to start your CheckTrackPro® experience. Your registration into the site is free and unlimited access is granted. You only need to register once for as many sites you have. Once registered you can set up your users for as many sites you with to register.

Add Your Customers

From the customer Screen

Once you log into our site with your new access, you will need to add your customers. From the customers screen you can add pictures, print and information for each user. After adding your customers you can search based on their information, and data. Add important memo information on each customer to be accessed after searching by firstname, lastname, id, license, etc...

Commit your Transaction

Start Your Transactions

Once you have entered your customer information, you can start adding check transactions to your customers. With our patented transaction screen, you can add multiple checks for each customer. You can add other items like check cards and debit visas for purchase for a customer into this transaction. Add multiple items to the transaction for a itemized listing for a reciepted summary of the customers transaction.

Read Your Reports

Run Your Report

End of day reports can be run with summary of daily, weekly or monthly transactions. Other reports that can be run are IRS monthly or yearly reports and specialized itemized reporting features do exist. Login and view our existing reporting services run at any time, for multiple needs and services. Soon we will be demoing our IRS forms to be automatically filled out and sent to the IRS for a small fee.